About Our Centre

picking the right centre for your child is beyond question, a big step. our children are the most precious things in our lives. At macarthur early learning, we treat all children with the upmost care, empathy and respect. A positive beginning to life is well recognized as the foundation for health, development, and well-being, not only for these crucial early years and fundamental stages, but for life itself. we recognise these early years set the tone for who the child will become.

We know that No two children are the same. their needs are all individual and unique. at Macarthur early learning, we have 6 rooms catering for ages 0-6. each of the room are designed in catering for a different age and learning stage.  this system within our service, we are able to cater more individually to each child's abilities and development as they grow within our care. Our nursery is a calm and homely environment which considers each of our infants a gift. This follows the child through their life at macarthur early learning until they graduate from our preschool room and beyond.  Each room having their own defining qualities that engage the children in learning while being supported in caring and warm environment. We assist in the preparation of the children for an easy transition from preschool to kindergarten with our school readiness program. 

Our centre has an open, relaxed atmosphere where we cater for each child’s intellectual, social, creative, emotional and physical development. We aim to create a stimulating, engaging, supportive and responsible environment which is encouraging the children to explore and engage in their learning environment. Our interest and concern for your child is foremost at all times, so please feel free to speak with staff at any time.

We aim to capture your child's attention with amazement and wonder as they engage in learning and play.  This results in a very happy child who is excited to attend and wanting to learn.  This is our aim to guide and assist in children developing their full potential while in our care, this is our purpose and rewarding in every element. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.